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            january 25, 2020

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Delhi Airport became the 5th Asia-Pacific airport to be Airport Carbon Accredited


Indira Gandhi International Airport has been accredited under the Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme on 4 July 2012.
Indira Gandhi International Airport, operated by Delhi International Airport (P) Ltd, is now accredited at Level 2 – ‘Reduction’ and is the 2nd Indian airport to be accredited at this level.
Mr. I. Prabhakara Rao, CEO of Delhi International Airport (P) Ltd said “DIAL is proud to achieve this coveted recognition. Having successfully accredited for ‘Mapping’ and ‘Reduction’ under Airport Carbon Accreditation, DIAL is now aiming for the third level of ‘Optimisation’ with the support of all concerned stakeholders. This signifies our airport-wide effort to tackle the global challenge of climate change and our commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions.”
Mrs. Patti Chau, Regional Director of ACI Asia-Pacific said, “I wish to congratulate Indira Gandhi International Airport on having its CO2 reduction achievement recognized by Airport Carbon Accreditation. It has once again shown that airports in our region are not only committed to but have already taken action to reduce their environmental impact.”
Mrs. Chau is also pleased to see the great response from airports in the region. She said “It is very encouraging indeed that in only 7 months since Airport Carbon Accreditation was extended from Europe to Asia-Pacific, 5 airports in the region have already been accredited. This is solid proof that airports generally recognise the programme to be an effective tool to manage and reduce carbon emissions. I strongly encourage more members to act now and become accredited.”
Airport Carbon Accreditation is the institutionally endorsed program that independently assesses and recognises airports’ efforts to manage and reduce their CO2 emissions. Participating airports can be certified at 4 progressive levels of accreditation as follows: ‘Mapping’, ‘Reduction’, ‘Optimisation’, and ‘Neutrality’.
Other accredited Asia-Pacific airports include:
• Abu Dhabi International Airport (Mapping)
• Changi Airport (Mapping)
• Mumbai International Airport (Mapping)
• Bangalore International Airport (Reduction)
Airport Carbon Accreditation was first launched by ACI Europe in 2009. In November 2011, the programme received support from ICAO and was extended to the Asia-Pacific region. Airport Carbon Accreditation is an independent programme administered by WSP Environment & Energy, an international consultancy appointed to enforce the accreditation criteria for airports. The administration of the programme is overseen by an independent Advisory Board. Airports must have carbon footprints independently verified in accordance with ISO14064 (Greenhouse Gas Accounting). Evidence of this must be provided to the administrator together with all claims regarding carbon management processes which must also be independently verified.

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