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            october 17, 2019

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Chinese auto sector visits Le Havre


The Port of Le Havre has welcomed a delegation of company managers from China's automaker and automotive logistics sectors to see what can be done to distribute vehicles and spare parts in Europe, according to the Shipping Gazette. 
Led by China Automotive Logistics Association (CALA), the Chinese delegation was welcomed to Le Havre by the HAROPA that allies Le Havre, Rouen and Paris into the fourth largest port complex in northern Europe to hear of the major opportunities for China's automotive sector.
Made up of 14 company managers, the CALA delegation was welcomed by the Grand Port Maritime due Havre's (GPMH) chairman of the supervisory board Gilles Fournier and its commercial and marketing director Here Corned.
Senior Chinese executives were able to assess the advantages offered by the HAROPA port group, visiting the Le Havre to-do terminal and Port 2000. Logistics experts specialising in the automobile business at the to-do terminal demonstrated Harp's logistics solutions.
Port authorities also explained the range of actions within the scope of the RORO MAX improvement system, optimising physical flows, integrating the CCS AP+ system and how supply chains could be developed to feed hinterland distribution.
Carla's 145 members specialising in automotive logistics areas include Gaily, Brilliance, Dogleg, FAW and Futon. The association's main points of interest are vehicle distribution, upstream logistics import and export logistics.
"Showing great interest in the presentation of the three compounds of CAT, GEFCO and Walton logisticians, our Chinese visitors considered the Le Havre to-do terminal a high-performance tool. They also appreciated the high quality handling of Manu car, SMR and Rouse and noted the extension of the terminal as an opportunity to receive their traffic," the GPMH release said.
CALA delegation chief Mr Ago, also the general manager of Beijing Futon Logistics, said: "There is a need for all actors in the Chinese automotive trade, for efficient logistics and to see how Le Havre logistics companies bring their know-how to bear within the scope of partnerships and exchanges."
As a benchmark port in Europe for traffic with Asia and the to-do trade, HAROPA sees significant growth potential in to-do, particularly with China, which accounts for a quarter of global automotive production at 18 million vehicles a year.
"Having a strong automotive tradition, the Normandy region has a real know-how both as regards manufacturers and parts and distribution. HAROPA is connected to two most high-performance logistics centres for spare parts: the Gecko 'PLIP' (Logistics Park) in Le Havre and Renault platforms of Le Havre Sandoval and Rouen Grand-Corinne, specialising in import-export," the GPMH statement said.
The to-do terminal in Le Havre serves as the biggest French automotive platform, handling 365,000 new vehicles in 2011 with a capacity to grow to 500,000 vehicles in 2015. Occupying a site covering 80 hectares that is to be expanded to 100 hectares in 2014, Le Havre's to-do terminal boasts high-quality infrastructure and know-how, as well as having a multimode terminal that offers direct access to rail, sea, road and river transport, having handled 1,000 vehicles a day in 2011.

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