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            january 18, 2020

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Wenzhou Yongqiang airport opens doors to foreign airlines


East China's Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport has announced it is officially open to overseas airlines. All the airlines with planes in accordance to the operational standards are allowed to enter Wenzhou Airport freely, reports Xinhua.
The move marks a new era for the airport becoming an international airport.
General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) issued a notice to airports and carriers in the world that Wenzhou Airport had officially opens doors to the overseas. Any airplane with the required operational certifications will be allowed to take off and land at the airport. However, prior to this notice being issued, all aircraft of overseas carriers arriving at the airport would have to get special approval from a number of departments. The openness will help improve the airport's international brand image effectively.
Last year the State Council has approved to Wenzhou airport upgraded to first-class port offering service for foreign planes. Wenzhou airport took this opportunity to strive for an early opening of the international flights.

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