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            october 15, 2019

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GCS to expand dry & liquid bulk transportation through ISO containers


Novorossiysk’s Global Container Service Group (GCS) has announced its intention to expand further into the transportation of bulk cargoes using ISO containers. GCS is already involved in the loading, unloading and transportation of agribulks in standard containers and liquids in flexi-tanks. This business is conducted through partnerships with international manufacturers/ producers and logistics providers with GCS taking care of the landside transport in Russia, according to Exim News Service.
Since 2007, GCS has been investing into the construction of specialised silo facilities for the containerisation of export grains. Besides foodstuff in bulk, GCS offers wide containerisation opportunities for fertiliser exporters. Leading Russian producers of nitroammophos, ammonium nitrate and carbamide ship more than 2,000 TEUs a year via the GCS off-dock terminals. Since 2011, the company has also provided stuffing of containers, notably with sulphur, a waste product from oil refining that is being exported in ever-greater volumes from Russia to China and South-East Asia.
Another important investment that has been undertaken by GCS in recent years has been the development of a terminal complex for the loading of bulk liquids into flexi-tanks. The main items handled
are motor oils and polymers, exported from Russia to the Far East and East Mediterranean. In cooperation with flexi-tank operators, GCS offers containerisation and transportation for high grade and base oil and petrochemical products. Volumes are now running at about 1,500 TEU/year.
Mr Andrey Naraevsky, GCS's Director Liner and Business Development, says the company is ready to invest further into facilities such as bulk storage areas, conveyors and pumping and bagging plants.
Potential demand for the containerisation of bulk exports in Russia is enormous, believes Mr Naraevsky: "Approximately 70 per cent of Russian non-oil and gas exports consist of dry and liquid bulk products such as ores, coal, fertilisers, petrochemicals, etc. We believe there to be a huge growth opportunity in the containerisation of some of these bulk traffics to the benefit of shippers, terminals and shipping lines".

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