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            october 18, 2019

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Tianjin Port North Zone to contain three 16-million TEU capacity box shops


The Tianjin Port North Zone is expected to accommodate three large container terminals with 32 berths capable of handling 16 million TEU annually, the Shipping Gazette informs.
The three facilities are the East Pierhead, the Free Trade Zone and the North Pierhead, located on a 7.8 square kilometre site with a coastline of 10 kilometres, according to China Daily.
The container terminal at the East Pierhead includes the berths located at the Port Basin #4 and the northern and southern sides of the East Pierhead, which have all been completed with an annual handling capacity of 3.8 million TEU.
In addition, the quayline affiliated to the Port Basin #4 Container Terminal Company is 826 metres with a maximum capacity of one million TEU. The coastline of the Orient container terminals, to the south of the East Pierhead, is 1,136 metres, and they have a total handling capacity of 1.3 million TEU. The coastline of the Five Continents International Container Dock to the north of the East Pierhead is 1,202 metres with 1.5 million-TEU capacity.
The container terminals to the east of the free trade zone include Phase I and Phase II which are under construction, and the proposed Section C container terminal for the North Port Basin. They have a total coastline of 3,300 metres with a total annual capacity of 6.6 million TEU. In the near and medium-term, the terminals to the east of the free trade zone will serve as the main force of marine mainline transport for developing containers at Tianjin.
The North Pierhead Container Terminal on 3.6-square kilometres have a quayline of 3.5 kilometres, and able to handle 5.6 million TEU a year.

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