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            october 14, 2019

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Busan New Port opens Asia's first vertical-automated container terminal


Korea's Busan New Port has opened Asia's first vertical-automated container terminal, BNCT, which can simultaneously berth four of the world's largest container vessels at its 1,400-metre quay with 17-metres alongside.
"It is a tremendous honour and privilege to be part of such a great team that has already performed so many impressive feats," said BNCT president and CEO John Elliott.
Said BNCT sales chief Peter Slootweg: "With three large vessels alongside today we could not have wished for better circumstances to demonstrate the advantages of vertical-automation and to show the Asian shipping community and prospective customers how it actually works."
BNCT now offers 11 regular services with an annual throughput of 750,000 TEU, which is expected to grow to 1.3 million TEU by the end of the year, reported London's Port Technology International, adding that BNCT plans to increase to 2.7 million TEU a year, the Shipping Gazette informs. 

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