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            november 12, 2019

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LKW Walter
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Estonian Air’s aircraft carrying “Welcome to Estonia” brand elements attracts neighbours to visit Estonia


In the framework of an ongoing co-operation between Estonian Air and EAS (Enterprise Estonia), one of the Saab SF340 aircraft in Estonian Air fleet was given a special livery to attract tourists from the regional destinations of Estonian Air to spend winter holidays in Estonia. This is a continuation of the marketing campaign carried out in October in Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, promoting the possibilities of spending winter holidays in Estonia.
“EAS and Estonian Air have common goals – to be visible on world map, bring a lot of foreign tourists to Estonia and do so in a special way. This beautiful aircraft design is a good example of co-operation between domestic organisations,”  says Marketing Director of the Estonian Tourist Board at Enterprise Estonia, Tarmo Mutso. 
„Research shows that aircraft is the advertising channel with the highest level of message recall, i.e. people recall afterwards not only the medium of the advertisement but even the message itself,“ explains Gunnar Mägi, head of marketing and development in Estonian Air. „Since European airports enjoy a very high concentration of people, I am confident that our invitation will not go unnoticed,“ he added.

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