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            november 12, 2019

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Ard-Jan Kooren Port Personality of the Year 2012


The Rotterdam-based foundation Port Personality of the Year (in Dutch Stichting Havenman/vrouw van het Jaar) has unanimously awarded Kotug International president-director Ard-Jan Kooren as becoming Port Personality of the Year 2012. This is the first time in the history of the foundation that a son of a Port Personality has been distinguished similarly. Thirteen years ago father Ton Kooren was awarded Port Personality of the Year 1999. Members of the foundation have chosen Ard-Jan Kooren as the port personality of 2012, because of his being an inspired, innovative, modern, sustainable and internationally operating entrepreneur and promoter of the port of Rotterdam. He aims at getting youngsters interested in port activities in the process.
Ard-Jan Kooren is the 32nd entrepreneur in the port community in a row to receive the distinction. It was established  in 1981 by the then Rotterdam-based Harbour Press Club Kyoto. Kooren will officially succeed Port Personality 2011 Gerard Deen mid January, 2013. Tradition has it that the distinction will be handed over on the second Monday of the New Year, in this case during a festive get-together on board the Smaragd2 on 14th January. At that venue, Foundation Port Personality of the Year chairman Theo Jongedijk will provide further details as to why Ard-Jan Kooren has been awarded. Kooren can rely on presenting a medal of honour and a framed certificate.
The Foundation Port Personality of the Year consists of a Board of four members (independent journalists) of the former Port Press Club Kyoto, the three predecessors as Personality of the Year, the recently awarded Young Port Talent (of the port of Rotterdam) and three sponsors of the Foundation Port Personality of the Year.

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