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            november 19, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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Railways introducing heavy haul goods trains


The Railways (India) has introduced heavy haul goods trains to modernise and improve freight transportation in the country. 
According to information put out by the Ministry, the axle load of freight trains has been increased from 20.32 tonnes to 22.32 tonnes. In addition, on certain identified routes, freight trains with 25-tonne axle load have been permitted, thus adding to the overall transportation capacity. The routes identified for running 25-tonne axle load trains are:
East Coast Railway
* Banspani-Daitari-Jakhpura-Paradeep
* Kirandul-Kottavalasa-Visakha-patnam
* Koraput-Rayagada-Viziana-garam-Visakhapatnam
South Eastern Railway
* Noamundi-Banspani-Tata Nagar
South East Central Railway

* Marauda-Dallirajahara
South Western Railway
* Toranagallu-Ranjitpura
Heavy haul trains help improve the throughput per train, thereby allowing less number of trains to be run in a particular section. This helps in generating more number of paths for additional freight trains. 
The Railways has indigenously developed the 25-tonne axle load wagons. All the routes indicated have been gradually upgraded for operating this load, according to Exim News Service.

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